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Kalium Sound Heroes Bluetooth speakers available on IndieGoGo at 50% discount

30 May 2017 6

Kalium Labs has come up with a unique product. It is the Sound Heroes Bluetooth speakers which stand outside the crowd. Kalium Sound Heroes are the most futuristic Bluetooth speakers that come with an eye catching design to make your ambience look good. These are complimented well by ambient lights, smoke machine, Wi-Fi extender and also comes with a wireless charging base which can charge your smartphone.

"Kalium Sound Heroes are the most futuristic Bluetooth speakers that have ever existed. Every angle of our speaker is polished manually giving it a polygonal design complemented with sharp edges. It’s also a wireless charging dock for your phone, a wi-fi range extender, and a subwoofer.”

The speakers have a unique polygonal design. Since these speakers are made from ABS plastic, these are very light in weight. They come with a premium matte and metallic paints which are available in 10 different colors giving them a vibrant look.

“Each color is applied using a three-step process for a long-lasting and resistant finish. The process includes a white base layer, multiple layers of our custom-blended colors, and a 30% thick UV layer for an ultra-durable finish. Every sound hero has a rich stunning hue that grabs the attention of everyone in the room.”

Kalium Sound Heroes offer wireless charging of any device that has this feature integrated.

Another great feature is a custom colored ambiance, with over than 16 million variations. Set it up, hit the play button and get immersed, or impress your friends by using the smoke machine feature. It is waterbased, rechargeable and looks awesome.

It’s WiFi extender feature can be used to link multiple speakers. You can connect up to 12 Sound Heros to create unparalleled surround sound for larger spaces. It comes with a smoke dispenser which can be controlled with Sound Heroes app.

The App allows you to interact with your K-Sound Heroes speaker in so many ways:

  • Use it to set up your speaker as an alarm clock
  • Change the ambient light colors and intensity to create your own atmosphere
  • Make your K-sound Heroes talk with different voice synthesizer
  • Build your army by pairing up to 12 K-Sound Heroes
  • Be part of the community by interacting with other Sound Heroes users
  • Unlock new features by playing the Sound Hero game.

You can get it now with from the crowdfunding website IndieGoGo, with a 50% discount from the future retail price.



Kalium Sound Heroes Bluetooth speakers available on IndieGoGo at a discount of 50%
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Hi I would agree a scam.. It gets worse.. There is a company in NL that is or was advertising them for sale.. They take your money and then that's it... If you see anything for sale based on these... Dont buy... Its all a scam


Hi,I funded this on Indiegogo 2.5 years ago. On what I've read in reviews like yours. Myself and so many others that funded this are still waiting while the company is just giving us excuses. We haven't heard any updates from them since marchYet they continue to sell this product to the public and catch new gullible people like myself promising it will be complete soon. 
I'm asking you to remove this review. Or update it so that new people are aware that this is a scam. 
Please show me and other caught by this company that you have integrity


OMG, these are Bluetooth speakers in the form of those standing men? Surely, this is one design that I haven't seen before. Looks cool..........


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