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Who said Microsoft Windows 10 shows lockscreen ads in your face

29 February 2016 0

What’s all this happening with Microsoft Windows 10? It is being accused of installing itself on your machine’s system, then goes on to delete all your useful stuff like apps and as if that weren’t enough, downloads ads on the lockscreen as well. Doesn’t this look terrible? And if there is an iota of truth in this news, the ball is in Microsoft’s court.

A few days back, a Twitter user had tweeted saying Windows 10 shows off an ad of Tomb Raider and that too in full screen on the lockscreen. This news spread immediately elsewhere too. All of the sites that picked up this news were pointing an accusing finger at Microsoft at what they were up to and that users should disable these ads as fast as they can. Below is the image and the tweet in question:

Such lockscreen is a Windows 10 feature, which reminds us of the Bing image rotation on Windows phone handsets, but with a difference. The feature displays various tips and tricks to users how they can use Windows more efficiently as well as suggesting useful apps hoping users will try them out. The feature can be configured by the user. They can deactivate it and turn the images off if it gives a bad taste.

A user, for the first time may see Cortana through lockscreen, while some may get to see an app. The aim of this all is to bring more value to OS for its users by showing them specific directions if they aren’t used to Windows or the Windows Store, where they can view various useful features and tools.

Looking at the other side of the picture, if Microsoft is offering a suggestion of something like, say, Tomb Raider and a virtually hidden link its really not that harmful or irritating as it looks to be considering the word “ads” used along with it. it may also be a case that a user like Tomb Raider and that’s why he gets that full screen wallpaper along with a link to the store to get the game.

As far as Windows 10 is concerned, there have a flurry of articles that has attacked it for a variety of issues, especially those related to privacy.



Who said Microsoft Windows 10 shows lockscreen ads in your face
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