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IDC report indicates Windows Phone market share in 2020 will be reduced to 0.1%

09 September 2016 0

As per IDC latest report, Windows phone future is not bright at all but instead they think the market share of Windows Phone will shrink further. It is important to mention that IDC is well-known analyst company, they are famous not for their accurate predictions but instead for wrong predictions especially regarding the Windows Phone.

The report further suggests that overall smartphone sales will grow but Windows phone market share will decline despite a number of manufacturers like Alcatel, HP is planning to introduce new devices with Windows Mobile OS. They predicted that in 2020 only 1.7 million units of Windows mobile OS will be sold whether Microsoft joins hands with a number of the producers or not, the result will remain static which means the market share will be just 0.1% of the entire market.

Though we can’t confirm their predicted figures are accurate or not but one thing is confirmed that Windows Mobile OS devices fate won’t be changed unless Microsoft brings some major changes in their mobile OS and if these figures are accurate then we can’t expect manufacturer would like to introduce devices with Windows Mobile OS and Microsoft could even stop manufacturing devices.

We would like to know what our readers do think regarding the IDC prediction of Windows Mobile OS in future.



IDC report indicates Windows Phone market share in 2020 will be reduced to 0.1%
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