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What techies can expect from Microsoft in 2017

24 January 2017 5

2016 was quite an amazing year for the Microsoft as the company releases a number of new innovative products which surely graphed up the company in the hardware business. Well, the company shifted itself much away from Gate’s period. Not just that Satya also shifted the company’s focus and didn’t commit similar mistakes what Microsoft did under Ballmer's supervision.

In last year, the company brings innovation in Xbox, new innovative line-up of products as well company improved their status in Cloud business. Microsoft is now looking forward to competing well against their rival companies not only in software but also in hardware as well. The company is now looking forward to future by implementing new tech this was missed by the company for the quite long time.

As we all know the Microsoft didn’t invent Minecraft or 3D scanning but the way company brought it in their own technologies including Xbox and Windows makes thing quite amazing for the company. I am sure, all these products attract Microsoft fans and all are now keen to know what to expect from Microsoft in 2017. In the last couple of days, we summed up what to expect from Samsung and Apple and now it’s the time to know future plans of the Microsoft.

Project Scorpio

Finally, the wait is over for gaming fans because one of the most exciting Microsoft project unveiling this year will Project Scorpio. The PS4 Pro is the only gaming console which supports 4K gaming but it doesn’t feature 4K Blu-ray slot. As per latest info, the Project Scorpio gaming console will be having both 4K gaming support alongside the 4K Blue-ray slot. Microsoft announced this project back in 2016 at E3 conference. At the event, the company confirms it is the most powerful gaming console ever announced.

We can also expect it will be having VR support. For graphics, it will be featuring 6 teraflops of 60Hz. The best thing is its cost will be similar to PS4 Pro. As far as release is a concern, we can expect this product in October 2017.

AMD confirms their chips will also be used in Scorpio, they said:

"We are proud that Microsoft has chosen to expand their Xbox One family of devices with two new consoles featuring AMD's high-performance semi-custom SoCs that support revolutionary new technologies like HDR, 4K, and high-fidelity VR to enable the next generation of immersive gaming experiences."

Creators Update

As we all know, Microsoft’s next major update to Windows 10 operating system is known as the Creators Update. This update is mostly focused on bringing 3D content creation on desktop machines.

Microsoft unveils 3D Paint App which will be pre-installed. It allows the user to perform all tasks what you can do with the 3D art studio. For instance, if you capture an image with your cell Phone, you can add and remove objects from a captured image using Paint 3D app. You can also capture and share directly 3D images. The good thing is with the new Creators update, the company not only focused on current-gen creators but they are also looking forward to the next gen creators as well.

Surface smartphone

Microsoft is criticized because of their experience with mobile hardware production and in last few years, the company tried to bring a number of products after purchasing a division of Nokia but the idea failed miserably. So is there any chance, Microsoft could release a new handset in 2017.

Well as per recent reports, we can expect Microsoft could release a surface branded smartphone. Microsoft usually releases their top-notch products under Surface branding, this year the company might use this branding for unveiling a true flagship smartphone with Windows 10 pre-installed. The company specially polished the Windows 10 for smartphones and as other hardware products of Microsoft are doing well there are fair chances Microsoft Windows-powered smartphones could gain market share once again if the company release smartphones properly with dedicated features.

The report suggests that the upcoming Surface smartphone could also support peripherals like Stylus and keyboards. In terms of hardware specs, the device will be packed with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 Soc with 6GB RAM so that device can handle desktop apps and can be used as a Mini PC using peripherals.

Windows next update

Although, Microsoft yet to release the Creators update but we can expect a new update preview build will be announced at Microsoft’s Build conference which is scheduled for May this year. At the conference, the company surely will be providing more details regarding what to expect from next-gen Windows update.

One thing is confirmed the company is not looking forward to bring the major update as Windows 11 but instead we can expect minor update details will be revealed at the event. However the company can’t twig to Windows 10 forever, they will have to release the major update in next couple of years. At the CES 2017 event, Microsoft reveals detail about the Cortana implementation in other products including Nissan smart cars. It seems like Microsoft wants to expand Cortana so that it can compete with Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant.

Surface Pro 2017 variant

In 2016, the Microsoft didn’t unveil Surface Pro model but for sure they will be releasing a new Surface Pro in 2017. This Surface Pro model number will be 5 and not just that the company is planning to bring some major changes in their Surface Book as well. This year Microsoft’s main focus will be hardware so we can expect some really nice hardware products from the company in 2017.

Augmented and Virtual reality future

Without any doubt, it is confirmed Microsoft is looking to expand in more products than just PC that’s why in 2016 Microsoft expand the availability of their HoloLens for other markets. The developer edition of Microsoft HoloLens can be purchased for £2,719 in the UK whereas it costs AU$4,369 in the Australia.

Of course, this price tag device is not meant for mainstream usage, to solve this issue Microsoft joins hand with other OEMs to produce an affordable VR headset which can compete well against budget friendly VR headsets like Daydream View and Gear VR. The company also wants to produce a slightly better version of HoloLens so that they can compete against Oculus Rift and HTC Vive as well.

The good thing is Microsoft is not only looking forward to enhancing AR and VR but instead the company is planning to bring better-mixed reality experience. At the Oct 2016 event, the company Taj Reid shows a windows 10 powered VR headset and he also displays the Football match on the big screen using the headset.

Paint 3D future

The Microsoft showcased in the recent event how to scan real world objects using the 3D capturing app of the handset. These 3D captured will be displayed in a 3D view. In 2017, we can expect Microsoft is going to enhance features in the Paint 3D app and the revamped version will make it easy to perform tasks using 3D art studio.

That’s all we are expecting from Microsoft in 2017. We are keen to know about our reader's views regarding Microsoft’s future plans for this year. Do they think we truly envision what to expect from Microsoft or not?



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  • Is the Paint 3D program only in Windows 10? I have used it on a few occasions, but as I don't own Windows 10, I would like to use it on Windows 8.1 - my current OS version. But is that possible?

      • I had the Windows 8 licence copy and got upgraded to Windows 10 for free. Since then I have been keeping a track of all the possible updates. And now, looking forward to this one too

          • Obviously Microsoft is taking things on a war footing when it comes to Windows 10. After all, they aren't going to bring the next major update. So, all that we have got to get is in Windows 10.

            • I am really thankful to this post, actually. This gave me a lot of new things to know, especially the Project Scorpio. I got to know about this type of console after reading it hereonly.

                • To an extent, same here. But for me, it's always been the Surface phone. There was a time when we were talking about the Lumia phones and now it's time for the Surface phones.

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