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This smartwatch runs Windows 98 on a Raspberry Pi computer

04 March 2017 2

A self-proclaimed tech-maker has now managed to run the legendary Windows 98 OS into a self-made smart watch. An inventor 314REACTOR made a sort-of wrist computer made Raspberry Pi Model A+ and then installed Windows 98 on it. It also has a 2.4-inch touchscreen display and a modest 1,000 mAh battery with a simple ON and OFF switch.

The designer explained,

I have always had somewhat of a soft-spot for Windows 98, despite it driving me insane back in the day on my old Pentium II system with 64mb RAM and using some god awful on-board graphics. But these days I don’t HAVE to suffer it as my only source of computing; which, somehow makes me want to go back and use it – I’ve built my own dream Windows 98 PC that I like to fire up every now and then and I love it. I also love emulation, the idea of running an operating system on virtual hardware? That’s awesome. It’s like the Matrix, or something. On top of this I love wearable/small tech and nowadays I have the ability to make things like this. So I thought, wouldn’t it be ridiculous and awesome to have Windows 98 on my wrist?

As Windows 98 isn’t readily available for Raspberry Pi, the designer emulated the system via QEMU, which is a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer that runs operating systems for any machine or any supported architecture.

Now, the tiny DIY watch hardly gives a smooth performance but the users can manage to play some games on the device. 314REACTOR said that he was able to play Minesweeper on the device, which was very slow. He also plans to play the 1993 shooter game Doom on it.

Check here to read full details on how to make the DIY device.



This smartwatch runs Windows 98 on a Raspberry Pi computer
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