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Latest Fujitsu ARROWS tablet is the first with palm vein authentication technology

20 April 2017 0

There was a time when smartphones and tablets security authentication were just about having a password, PIN or pattern. But as the technology improved, we got face detection, fingerprint scanner, and iris scanner. And now, Fujitsu has launched a new Windows tablet which is the world's first device with palm vein authentication technology.

It is the Fujitsu ARROWS Tab Q507/P-SP tablet with a 10.1-inch display and Slide-Style vein authentication technology. As the name suggests, the technology will allow users to unlock the tablet by sliding their hand along the guide available on the display. The team is making use of a palm-vein sensor which is compact enough to fit inside a device.

As explained by Fujitsu in the official statement:

"Palm vein authentication technology utilizes images captured by illuminating a palm with the safe near-infrared band light, which passes easily through the body, and reads vein patterns from the captured image. Accordingly, a palm vein authentication device's optical unit consists chiefly of an illumination component and an image capture component. In order to uniformly illuminate the entire palm, the illumination component, the widest part of the optical unit, is arranged to surround the image capture component. The issue, however, has been in making the component smaller."

Other features of this new Fujitsu Windows tablet include IPX4 water resistance and IP5X dust resistance. It has been priced at 85,300 Yen which is about $780. The shipping is expected to start in August.



Latest Fujitsu ARROWS tablet is the first with palm vein authentication technology
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