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Microsoft’s latest patent images reveal its foldable tablet’s design

12 June 2017 3

Microsoft has filed a new patent for a foldable tablet with a hinge design. The latest patent reveals images of the devices, which shows it is more like a smartphone than a slate.

The hinge design allows the tablet to form three configurations, one like a flat tablet, the second one at 180-degrees which will allow users to use the inside screens as a single user interface. Magnets will allow the display to have a seamless look in the 180-degree configuration. The third is a 360-degree configuration on the device. The inventor listed on the patents is Kabir Siddiqui, who had earlier patented the Surface Kickstand. The patent called “Hinged Device” was initially filed in November 2016.

The description of the new patent reads, “the present hinge assembly concepts can be utilized with any type of device, such as, but not limited to, notebook computers, smart phones, wearable smart devices, tablets, and/or other types of existing, developing, and/or yet to be developed devices”. The patent allows mentions that the hinged design would also allow users to combine two separate screens into one.

According to rumours, the tablet will run on Windows 10 OS. Microsoft had featured a similar foldable tablet in a 2009 video, to showcase the future of productivity. It remains to be seen whether the new hinged design tablet will see the light of the day or not. Though last year the company’s CEO Satya Nadella had stated that Microsoft was working on the “ultimate mobile device,” and ‘a folding mobile device with flexible hinge infrastructure’. The device could be a game-changer for Microsoft, as it would really stand out from the competition.



Microsoft’s latest patent images reveal its foldable tablet’s design
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