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Microsoft pulls the plug on Windows Phone 8.1

12 July 2017 0

Microsoft delivers a fatal blow to Windows 8.1 mobile phone users. Windows 8.1 mobile devices will no longer be officially supported by them. So what does this equate to? In simple terms, no support basically means no updates and not even security updates. This would leave your smartphone vulnerable to attacks by malware and other viruses. The support page on the official website of the company validates this claim. What’s sad is that most of the Windows phone users are running on Windows 8.1, making this tough to digest.

What about the Windows phones running Windows 10? Well, they’re safe, for now at least! It won’t be long till we see the end of Windows 10 on the mobile platform as well. With Nokia now moving towards Android, the likelihood of Windows Mobile 10 surviving and thriving is extremely bleak. This might be a caution to those owing Windows 10 powered phones. There are, of course, many tablets which run Windows 8.1 and while this may seem disappointing for them as well, some of them allow for full version Windows installations, just like a computers do.

Looks like Windows as a mobile operating system is going to be coming to an end as most of the Windows phones used Windows 8.1. Windows 10 was reserved for the higher end and flagship models. While this might be upsetting and annoying for some, people must accept that Windows phones always seemed rather crippled when compared to other operating systems like iOS and Android.



Microsoft pulls the plug on Windows Phone 8.1
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