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EVE: Valkyrie gets a new VR Ultra-Graphics setting courtesy of Nvidia

14 July 2017 0

Fans of EVE: Valkyrie will be ecstatic to know that CCP Games, the game developers of EVE: Valkyrie have released a new patch and update which brings a new ‘Ultra Graphics’ mode for intense and engaging multiplayer game. A collaborative effort on the part of Nvidia VRWorks technologies and NVIDIA GameWorks graphics technique have incorporated an update into the game. Apart from the regular updates and patches which normally cover stability fixes and AI improvements, the latest ‘2017_R3’ update has brought about significant changes to the game.

So, what changes did the patch include? The update included an ultra-graphics mode which revealed enhancements in the game’s cockpit lighting, with an increase in the overall quality of lighting and shadowing. This has been improved throughout the game and is evident in almost all areas and levels. Dynamic lighting and reflections in the game have also undergone considerable changes and improvements.

The multiplayer dogfighting shooter game was announced during Gamescom 2013. The VR game has tremendous graphic textures and makes use of high-quality and physically-based lighting effects. In addition to this, the volumetric lighting and God rays in the game along with Nvidia’s anti-aliasing technique known as Multi-Sample G-Buffer anti-aliasing add an extra flavor to the visuals of the game.

If you find yourself wanting to be curiously entwined in the captivating gameplay in VR, you’re going to need either the Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR. Well, a decently powered PC too, but then again, that goes without saying!



EVE: Valkyrie gets a new VR Ultra-Graphics setting courtesy of Nvidia
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