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Windows 10 Mobile new features and hardware not the focus, says Joe Belfiore

09 October 2017 5

When Microsoft announced Windows 10 operating system, its goal was to offer a unified platform for all of its hardware devices including PCs/laptops, mobile phones, and gaming consoles. But lately, we have not seen much development when it comes to Windows 10 Mobile platform meant for smartphones and tablets. And now, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore has confirmed what many have been speculating for quite sometime now.

In a series of tweets, Belfiore has confirmed that Microsoft currently has no focus towards releasing new Windows 10 Mobile features and hardware products. He even said that he has now switched to an Android device as an individual end user. But the good thing is that Microsoft will continue to offer software support to existing devices which means already available Windows 10 Mobile devices will continue to receive bug fixes and security patches.

It basically means that if you are someone who has an interest in Windows 10 Mobile platform, you should not expect to see any new consumer-facing features or new hardware anytime soon. And if you already own such a device, you can be happy that you will keep receiving software fixes and updates against security threats. Microsoft has mainly decided to continue offering software support because of many business clients which opted for Windows 10 Mobile devices for their enterprise work.

As for why Microsoft is not focusing on new features or hardware anymore, it mainly has to do with lack of apps on the store and a low volume of the user base. Belfiore said that the company even tried to attract devs and companies by paying for developing apps for the platform but because of the low number of users, no one was willing to invest their time and resources.

This is the reason that Microsoft has switched its focus towards Android and iOS platforms in past one year or so. We have seen it released a bunch of apps for both platforms with the Microsoft Edge browser being the latest addition in the list of offerings.



Windows 10 Mobile new features and hardware not the focus, says Joe Belfiore
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