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MIUI 10 to disable the ability to install Global ROM on Chinese phone variants

01 October 2018 2

Chinese smartphones cost less in China as compared to the rest of the world and this is the very reason why a lot of people find it tempting to import these handsets and sell them on the higher prices in different parts of the world. Though the only downside of this is the MIUI (default Chinese ROM) installed on these Chinese versions of the phones which are primarily meant for use in China with tons of apps specific to Chinese people, available in the Chinese language.

Though when imported, people used to install Global ROMs on these Chinese imported handsets to make them working fine in other parts of the world or vice-versa to get the updates on the phones fast. It seems that the good days of doing so are about to change as a fast-rising Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has placed a ban on installing Global ROMs on their Chinese specific handsets. This means that all the Xiaomi phones that are primarily made for use in China won’t allow installing Global ROMs in it.

This feature seems to be on the bootloader level so it means that one could still install Global ROMs on these Chinese handsets by bypassing the bootloader/unlocking the bootloader and then installing Global ROMs of choice. The feature is most probably part of the upcoming MIUI 10 ROM that is being released to different smartphones. Most probably, all the phones prior to that might not be affected.

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MIUI 10 to disable the ability to install Global ROM on Chinese phone variants
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