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Xiaomi patents an obnoxious smartphone's inverted notch

24 April 2019 3

The smartphone industry is a place where companies from all around the world compete in a market that offers fierce competition. We get to see all sorts of patents posted introducing new ideas. Though not all ideas showcased in the patents are super compelling at first sight and the one we’re about to share in this post is one of such kind.

Mobile phones with notch-display are now a norm after Cupertino tech giant Apple introduced a notch in iPhone X. Now one of the latest patents by Xiaomi displays inverted notch which seems even weirder then the notch-display we’re used to in modern day smartphones. Why would somebody want an inverted notch and what good could it offer to the mobile industry?

The patent design showcases a notch that expands upwards out of the smartphone’s body pretty similar to a pop-up selfie camera module. As per this patent, the inverted notch aims to host dual front-facing the camera and in-ear speaker for calls.

While this seems an easy way to make the bezels at the top, even more, thinner, the notch popping out of the body would be super obnoxious. Generally, it seems that even if this design becomes a reality, it might not spread around and adopted by other companies considering it voids the smartphone body symmetry that the consumers have been accustomed to since over a decade or two.

There are no words out there as to when we could expect this patent to become a reality, so sit back and relax.

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Xiaomi patents an obnoxious smartphone's inverted notch
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NadimShaukat DaniPablo

Call it "positive use". But Xiaomi had to use that space for hosting a feature or two. Or what's the purpose of a new design? I don't think Xiaomi has done anything out of the way except for that inverted notch.


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